Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Hai :)
I've been thinking lately, that I need to lose weight if I'm to be a model. I did some dramatic stuff well, not overly dramatic but I ate less - but that's not how you do it and I kept telling myself that but it wouldn't sink in. I'm just going to start a better regime, where I eat lots of fruit and vegetables but still the other things I need. And excercise [my biggest fear: something i NEED to do] by going jogging once a week and doing spakky crazy dancing in my room, Ie: the WOP [search it on youtube it's phenominal]. I also need to get taller but unless I sleep upsidedown or something there is no chance of that happening by force. I took this picture today, something a bit different - all my pictures are too posey not really modelly. I might also start posting stuff about typography and graphic design: though I'll make it interesting, I don't want to bore you with the famous rant [other typographers argue this] about how papyrus is a HIDEOUS font and that Avatar the film should NOT have used it for their credits as it makes a mockery of themselves. Hey-ho that's all I have to say today (^__^)
Ps: The photo is badly photoshopped - but hey I'm a beginner ;)

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  1. You already look model perfect to me so i don't think you need to lose weight!

    But theres nothing wrong with having a healthy diet. Make sure its balanced though!
    - my health+food technology mind aha.