Sunday, 9 May 2010


I am really into creating cartoons on photoshop at the moment, here are some I did this weekend :) It is amazingly fun even if they're not the best quality !

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Hai :) GAH IM SO TIRED D: I went for a jog with my friend today and I feel like I am about to collapse into mush. Hm anyway, I managed to make an animation, but it didn't work in the look magazine way because it wouldnt let me upload more images. Anyway yeah I'm no longer stressed as my english essay deadline has been extended :D I practised a runway walk the other day and I was like hmmm FIERCE girl. I think in my head I was, probably looked like an utter fool though.
EDIT; for goodness sake, this animation won't work so I'ma have to post the picture seperately :o

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Hai :) today miraculously after school I took the time to take some pictures and make a 'Look' magazine inspired collageanimation. HOWEVER it failed to load as an animated gif. If anyone knows how to help resolve this so you can all view it in animated glory, please comment below :o

I am vair tired and it's bugging me D:

I also did another clone picture aha addictive >__<

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Another post in the same day :o what a life I lead.
Anyway, I've just been seeing all stuff you can do on photoshop and so I created this picture to make my own clone/twin: convincing eh? I adore Photoshop now, I want to learn all the tricks of the trade ;)
I hope to do some more professional photographs soon on my blog, the previous ones are just headshots and posey, Hmmm looking forward (^__^)

Hai :)
I've been thinking lately, that I need to lose weight if I'm to be a model. I did some dramatic stuff well, not overly dramatic but I ate less - but that's not how you do it and I kept telling myself that but it wouldn't sink in. I'm just going to start a better regime, where I eat lots of fruit and vegetables but still the other things I need. And excercise [my biggest fear: something i NEED to do] by going jogging once a week and doing spakky crazy dancing in my room, Ie: the WOP [search it on youtube it's phenominal]. I also need to get taller but unless I sleep upsidedown or something there is no chance of that happening by force. I took this picture today, something a bit different - all my pictures are too posey not really modelly. I might also start posting stuff about typography and graphic design: though I'll make it interesting, I don't want to bore you with the famous rant [other typographers argue this] about how papyrus is a HIDEOUS font and that Avatar the film should NOT have used it for their credits as it makes a mockery of themselves. Hey-ho that's all I have to say today (^__^)
Ps: The photo is badly photoshopped - but hey I'm a beginner ;)

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

ALOHA :) The pictures above are of just me messing about today doing stuff "/ My friend plaited the daisies into my hair today and I wore them for the whole afternoon, and I got alot of compliments saying they were cute :D Even my graphics teacher. Graphics and graphic design is my passion other than modelling. In the lessons i just do my best and I race ahead I love it so much it is GAH SO GREATTT :) I love every single bit of it and i am the geek of the class as I sit there doing my work whilst people are complainging D: LOVE IT NEVER DISS bwaha.
Bye for now x

Monday, 26 April 2010

Haii :)

Yesterday me and my friends Charlotte( and Hannah went down to the beach and whilst Charlotte stayed onshore reading Harry Potter, me and Hannah had a massive mudfight which led to our feet getting cut D; Hey Ho, Nonetheless it was extremely worth it (^__^)
Don't we look sick disgusting :D We ended up rolling in the mud it was so fun ahhh