Thursday, 6 May 2010

Hai :) GAH IM SO TIRED D: I went for a jog with my friend today and I feel like I am about to collapse into mush. Hm anyway, I managed to make an animation, but it didn't work in the look magazine way because it wouldnt let me upload more images. Anyway yeah I'm no longer stressed as my english essay deadline has been extended :D I practised a runway walk the other day and I was like hmmm FIERCE girl. I think in my head I was, probably looked like an utter fool though.
EDIT; for goodness sake, this animation won't work so I'ma have to post the picture seperately :o

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  1. Cute pictures ;D
    Thankyou for the comment! And as to getting more followers, just comment on other blogs and follow other people! That's what I did, hehe (:
    I can prove that it works. Since you commented on my blog & I like yours, I'm your newest follower!

    xx, Melissa